High-quality plant extracts

Sensational experiences for the skin: New release from our suppliers. Natural and sustainable skincare products that offer our customers singular added value. With our high-quality plant extracts, you can give your products an unforgettable note. Take advantage of the unique plant extracts from our first-rate suppliers and let yourself be inspired!

The full power of nature: Plant extracts for cosmetic applications

Cosme Phytamis® Organic

Cosme Phytamis® Organic comprises plant extracts produced in line with the strict guidelines of the COSMOS standards. Thanks to their purely organic origin, they are ideally suited for organically certified cosmetics.

The selection process is crucial.

To ensure the highest possible active content of, our suppliers select only top-quality plant varieties. Here, Alban Muller supports local cultivation businesses and prioritizes plants from French organic agriculture.

Discover the entire Cosme Phytamis® Organic range.

Alongside plant extracts, oils produced from plants also play an important role in the development of cosmetic formulas.

Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil

Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil is obtained from the Abyssinia plant, which is native to the highlands of Africa. The cold-pressed emollient is resistant to oxidation and offers a high degree of heat stability. The composition of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids together with long-chain triglycerides is particularly soothing on the skin. Another advantage is the light rather than sticky texture. Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil is suitable not only for skincare products but also for haircare applications.

Find out more about Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil.

For anti-aging, meanwhile, there is a whole host of ingredients. Here too, plant-based ingredients have long since proven effective. New to our range:

Nature Pep® Teff

Nature Pep Teff is a multifunctional natural peptide obtained from an ancient grain native to Ethiopia. Ethiopian Olympians consume this grain variety to improve their endurance and to combat fatigue.

It’s also a real superfood for skin.

The composition of amino acids in the teff is highly prized and has a positive effect on collagen production*1in the skin.

As a multifunctional ingredient, Nature Pep Teff strengthens the elasticity of skin*2to beat the signs of tiredness. Use of Nature Pep Teff also helps to reduce the depth of nasolabial fine lines*3.

Curious? Here, you can find more information on Nature Pep® Teff.

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*1 ex vivo  / *2 in vivo  /  *3 in vivo