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TER AS Productos se fundó en Barcelona en el año 2009 con el objetivo de afianzar la presencia de TER GROUP en el mercado español. Durante los últimos años hemos crecido constantemente, obteniendo así un importante reconocimiento en los diferentes sectores a los que pertenecen nuestros clientes.


Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon with its high inner surface and adsorption capacity is ideally suited for the removal of undesired substances from liquid and gaseous media. We supply a wide assortment of high-quality activated carbon as granular, powdered and extrudates made from bituminous coal, coconut shells or wood in different grain sizes, e. g. S835 or K814 according to EN 12915-1 for water filtration or formed pellets with 4 mm diameter for air filtration.
Our range of services also includes special carbons such as acid-washed or impregnated acitvated carbon according to standard or customer specifications as well as the return and professional reactivation / disposal of used carbons.


Activated Carbon with its pronounced system of adsorption pores is used as a filter medium for a variety of different tasks. Granulated activated carbons, for example, remove unwanted organic contaminants such as pesticides, chlorine, THM oder TOC-relevant substances from aqueous media and restore their natural purity. In the field of air purification, extruded carbons provide effective protection against the release of harmful substances and odors into the atmosphere. Powdered activated carbons serve as a treatment step within industrial processes for e. g. the removal of unwanted colorations. 

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