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TER AS Productos was founded in Barcelona in 2009 with the objective to strengthen the position of TER GROUP in the Spanish market. During the last years we have grown constantly gaining an important position in the different sectors our customers are part of.




Microspheres are 20-120 microns large hollow balls. They consist of a thermoplastic polymer shell that is filled with a propellant gas. Characteristic features include high flexibility, expandability, low density, closed cell structure. They are available as aqueous or dry microspheres and as master batches.


Among other applications, our microspheres are used as a physical blowing agent and as an ultra-light filler for density and weight reduction in a variety of applications. Application areas include adhesives, sealants, rubbers, paints, printing inks, industrial paints, leather, textiles, paper, PVC production, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and packaging.

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