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TER AS Productos se fundó en Barcelona en el año 2009 con el objetivo de afianzar la presencia de TER GROUP en el mercado español. Durante los últimos años hemos crecido constantemente, obteniendo así un importante reconocimiento en los diferentes sectores a los que pertenecen nuestros clientes.


Polyalphaolefins - Production of hot-melt and other types of adhesives

Polyalphaolefin (PAO)

Polymeric alpha olefines (PAO) exhibit very good adhesion properties particularly on non polar surfaces. They are not sensitive to moisture and temperature changes. PAO are used as hotmelt adhesives (HMA) in packaging, woodworking as well as in hygiene products. Polymeric alpha olefines are mainly amorphous and do not tend to crystallize. There they are often referred to as amorphous polymeric alpha olefines (APOA).

Poly alpha olefines are polymeric hydrocarbons. They exhibit amongst others a high chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties. Due to a wide molecular weight distribution PAO show both, a good adhesion on many different substrates as well as high cohesion in many adhesive applications.

Amorphous polyalphaolefins (APAO) are homo- or copolymers synthesized from various monomers (chemical subunits of polymers). One such monomer is ethylene, a gaseous hydrocarbon produced by cracking crude oil.

Several polymerization steps are required to synthesize APAOs. These steps involve combining molecules to produce isoparaffins. Fractional distillation is used subsequently to obtain molecules of the desired size. These molecules, which are still unsaturated, are then saturated through hydrogenation.

The process produces various base oils with different viscosities. These oils are then combined with synthetic resins or waxes to give them adhesive properties, which can even lower their melt viscosity and raise their barrier effect against water vapor. This is what makes APAOs highly versatile chemicals with strong and long-lasting adhesive properties.


The PAO distributed by TER Chemicals are used in hot melt adhesives, diapers, woodworking and furniture industries as well as in the packaging and paper industry. Other applications are bitumen modification for asphalt and roofing products and traffic markings. 

Hot melt adhesives (HMA) are applied hot at its molten state. While cooling down the melt solidifies, and the bond is formed. The strength of the adhesive is based on the adhesion and the cohesion. By increasing the temperature, the adhesive becomes liquid and can wet the surface of the substrate efficiently. This is how the adhesive bonds to the substrate (adhesion). While temperature drops, the adhesive becomes thicker and ultimately solidifies. This forms the adhesive joint (cohesion).

POA adhese to substrates of many different kind like wood, metal, leather and some plastics. The fields of application range from hot melt adhesives for packaging, clothing, woodworking and furniture, diapers and hygiene products.

Roads suffer under constantly increasing traffic. Road surfaces are commonly made from asphalt. Asphalt itself is produced from mineral fillers and crushed rock in combination with bitumen as a binder. Particularly at lower temperature asphalt is rather brittle. This can result in an increased formation of cracks. Water can enter the asphalt and break it. By the addition of PAO the asphalt becomes more elastic especially at low temperatures and increase the life span of the road significantly. 

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