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TER AS Productos was founded in Barcelona in 2009 with the objective to strengthen the position of TER GROUP in the Spanish market. During the last years we have grown constantly gaining an important position in the different sectors our customers are part of.


Polymer dispersions - Binder used in various applications

Polymer dispersions

Polymer dispersions are colloidal systems in which polymer particles are uniformly suspended in a liquid medium, often water. These dispersions serve as essential raw materials in various industries, offering versatile properties that range from adhesion and durability in coatings to flexibility and stability in adhesives and other formulated products.


Coatings and Paints: Polymer dispersions serve as the foundation for water-based paints and coatings, providing excellent adhesion, durability, and color retention while minimizing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Adhesives and Sealants: These dispersions are essential components in the formulation of water-based adhesives and sealants, offering strong bonding capabilities for diverse substrates and improved environmental friendliness.

Textiles and Nonwovens: Polymer dispersions are used for fabric finishing, enhancing properties like stain resistance, wrinkle reduction, and softness in textiles. They also find application in nonwoven materials for industries like hygiene products and filtration.

Paper and Packaging: In paper manufacturing, polymer dispersions enhance the paper's strength, printability, and water resistance. They are also utilized in packaging materials to improve barrier properties and adhesion.

Construction and Building Materials: Polymer dispersions contribute to the production of water-resistant mortars, cementitious coatings, and flexible sealants, enhancing the durability and performance of construction materials.

Automotive and Industrial Coatings: These dispersions are vital components in water-based coatings for vehicles and machinery, providing corrosion resistance, gloss, and durability.

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