Multifunctional emulsifiers

Stricter requirements in terms of health and environmental protection make it necessary to constantly further develop additives for the metalworking industry. At TER Chemicals you’ll find high-quality emulsifiers that offer you optimum solutions for metalworking fluids.

Multifunctional non-labeled, low-foaming emulsifiers for metalworking fluids

Our multifunctional EMULSOGEN MTP emulsifiers

With the multifunctional EMULSOGEN MTP emulsifiers, Clariant offers products that are characterized by particularly low foaming behavior and freedom from labeling.

Classic non-ionic emulsifiers become cloudy when stored at lower temperatures and have to be heated and homogenized before use, which leads to higher energy costs and a risk to occupational safety due to the handling of hot containers.

The products in the Emulsogen MTP series score points for:

  • improved low temperature stability
  • low foaming tendency or rapid foam degradation
  • freedom from labeling
  • WGK (German water hazard class) 1
  • high soap scum dispersing capacity
  • very good emulsifying effect thanks to various HLB values
  • differing clouding points that are helpful in finding exactly the right product for your application
  • good solubility in mineral oils, vegetable oils and esters
  • global registration

Our defoamer wizard 

Disruptive foam in the production process can be caused by a variety of different factors. Both chemical reactions and biological and physical processes produce foam, which can negatively influence the quality and grade of a workpiece. Reducing the surface tension of the air-liquid interface destroys the foam that has formed and thus improves the onward production process. 

The multitude of causes behind foam formation also calls for a multitude of defoamers with different chemical characteristics. Our Terfoguard range of products covers almost the entire spectrum of areas of application:

  • As a formulation ingredient for effective foam control in paints, coatings and cleaning agents
  • Biodegradable defoamers made using plant oils as an alternative to mineral or silicone oils
  • Highly effective antifoam agents for PET recycling, metal processing and recycling, and water treatment

With our digital and interactive product finder, selecting the right defoamers for your application becomes a whole lot easier. Based on your individual requirements, our product finder identifies a suitable defoamer quickly and effectively. Costly and time-consuming on-site trials that used to be necessary are reduced to a minimum.

Hordaflam 70 R as a flame retardant with high chlorine content

Due to stricter regulations for European registrants, there are likely to be shortages of long-chain chlorinated kerosenes on the European market in the near future too. These will also affect the availability of Hordaflam 70 R, among other things, on the European market. Nevertheless, we will still be able to offer Hordaflam 70 R in future in cooperation with our supplier. Hordaflam 70 R is particularly useful as a flame retardant in rubber, plastic and paint applications, and can also help to improve tear resistance. 

If you have any further technical questions or would like samples, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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