Our updates for metalworking

The TER Chemicals portfolio offers you high-quality and effective additives for the metalworking industry. Our products are not only used as emulsifiers, but also as solubilizers and much more. Read on and allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity of our products.

Insight into our portfolio for the metalworking industry

Emulsogen COL series for emulsifiers with excellent dispersion performance of lime soaps

The products of the Emulsogen COL range from CLARIANT are anionic ether carboxylates that can be used as emulsifiers in metalworking fluids. The chemical nature of the products means they have good synergistic properties with amines, resulting in excellent dispersion performance of lime soaps. The grades with a lower HLB value (COL 020 and COL 050) in particular also exhibit very good rust inhibiting properties. Due to their good solubility in various mediums, the products in the Emulsogen COL series are very well suited as rust inhibitor additives in full synthetics.

What’s more, the Emulsogen COL range has been presented with the Ecotain® Award, which recognizes products that are particularly consistent with sustainability.

Phenoxypropanol for the substitution of phenoxyethanol in metalworking fluids

1-Phenoxypropanol is an organic aromatic solvent used in the formulation of many industrial products. In its function as a solubilizer, it is used in various metalworking fluids to produce homogeneous and stable mixtures, e.g. for rolling oils.

Phenoxypropanol is restricted under GHS07 only, and not under GHS05 and GHS07 like phenoxyethanol.

Our standard grade is specified with a purity level of 99.5%.

TER DWP as a dewatering additive for the metalworking industry

Dewatering additives are used to displace aqueous mediums from the surface of the workpiece and thus prevent corrosion. The hydrophobic molecules in the additive reduce the interfacial tension on the metal surface, which causes water to bead off, cutting scrap in production and leading to a more efficient production process. When used in dewatering fluids, TER DWP also prevents water from entering the oil phase. On top of this, dewatering fluids formulated with TER DWP are ideal for treating metal substrates that are to be packaged with VCI products, as this allows the rust protection effect of the VCI packaging to develop optimally.

Compared to butyl diglycol, dewatering fluids formulated with TER DWP boast more rapid action, have no problems with the wetting of workpieces exhibiting high roughness, and also cope well with sludge formation at the phase boundary.

Other advantages of the TER DWP additive are:

  • Creation of clean, water-free surface
  • Compatibility with most emulsions
  • Slower consumption than butyl diglycol

TERfoguard T830 and R1500 for the metalworking industry

Our TERfoguard product range consists of high-quality defoamers for a wide variety of processes and foaming agents. For your needs in the metalworking industry, the types T830 and R1500 are particularly suitable. The defoamers are characterized by the following properties in practice:

  • Outstanding deaerator properties
  • Very good filterability
  • Very good rinsing behavior
  • Very compatible with your formulations

TERfoguard T830 delivers excellent results in full synthetics, with no mineral oil in the formulation.

TERfoguard R1500, meanwhile, can give very good results especially in emulsions with mineral oil.

If you have any further technical questions or would like samples, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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