Update: Our glass fibers

Have you already discovered the impressive glass fibers from our partner CPIC®? Whether as individually cut glass fibers or as bundled glass fiber rovings - they are real all-rounders in our portfolio! In this exclusive news article, we introduce you to the unique properties, unbeatable advantages and versatile application possibilities of the product.

Insights into our portfolio for greater versatility and performance

About glass fibers

Chopped glass fibers are thin, amorphous fibers produced from molten glass using the melt-spinning process. Their characteristic properties include good insulation, tensile strength and elasticity, and resistance to external influences. They are resistant to aging and weather, chemically resistant, and fireproof.

Where glass fibers are used:

Chopped glass fibers are used in thermoplastics to increase their strength. Other areas of application, besides thermoplastic compounds, are the production of brake linings and putties, textile fabrics, and glass fiber-reinforced plastics.

Our glass fiber rovings:

Rovings can be processed mechanically directly in the manufacture of rotationally symmetrical bodies from fiber-reinforced plastics such as containers, tubes, axles, rollers, and shafts using the winding process and in the manufacture of profiles produced using the pultrusion process. In addition, two- and three-dimensional fiber semi-finished products are produced from rovings by weaving, braiding, or knitting for further processing into FRP components.

We offer the following types:

  • Direct Roving
  • Multi-End Roving
  • Spray-Up Roving

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