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TER AS Productos se fundó en Barcelona en el año 2009 con el objetivo de afianzar la presencia de TER GROUP en el mercado español. Durante los últimos años hemos crecido constantemente, obteniendo así un importante reconocimiento en los diferentes sectores a los que pertenecen nuestros clientes.


Food Salt - Microsalt

Food Salt - Microsalt

MicroSalt® is patented technology of a mechanical change in the NaCl particle which delivers 50% less sodium by weight without compromising flavor to help to reducing sodium consumption for a better health.

70MM adults in the US have high blood pressure. Reducing daily sodium intake by 33% will reduce 28,000-50,000 premature deaths per year (FDA). Most consumers will not settle for “low sodium, lightly salted or unsalted” products due to less than desired flavor profiles and/or high potassium levels.

  • Our taste buds recognize it as over twice as salty as table salt, hence you can use less.
  • Improved product adhesion due to the micro-size of the salt particles.
  • Non-GMO, all natural, Kosher and Gluten Free.


In the food industry MicroSalt® is used in spices, meat and fish.

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