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TER AS Productos was founded in Barcelona in 2009 with the objective to strengthen the position of TER GROUP in the Spanish market. During the last years we have grown constantly gaining an important position in the different sectors our customers are part of.



Pentaerythritol is a synthetic 4-valent alcohol, which is obtained by the chemical reaction of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. This alcohol has 5 carbon atoms and is offered in the form of white crystalline powder. The characteristic properties of pentaerythritol include its sweet taste and good combustibility.


TER Chemicals sells pentaerythritol mainly for the production of rosin esters, which are mostly used in the adhesives industry, but also for paints, varnishes, printing inks and flooring.

Another application is the manufacture of alkyd resins, plasticizers and emulsifiers. Pentaerythritol is used for the production of adhesives, sealants and rubbers.

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